The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Taskforce (JDAT) was created for members and organizations in the Diaspora who are passionate about Agriculture to join forces and mobilize  Sustainable Farming, Organic Food, Food Security and new markets for Jamaican farmers.  JDAT signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) this year with the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS) and successfully delivered on:

  • Hosting the Diaspora Symposium at Denbigh, the oldest Agriculture show in the Caribbean, this year. The symposium delivered Organic and sustainable farming practices workshops and programs for Farmers.
  • Sponsoring the first ever Champion Organic Farmer prize
  • Partnering with Delaware State University – College of Agriculture to host the National Farm Queen in their summer program. This will be a new prize for the national Farm queen.
  • Joining the JAS Climate Smart Summit in Kingston, to present to Leaders of key Agencies and organizations on the case for Organic as both an economic opportunity and the answer to Climate Change.

JDAT is currently launching in partnership with key Diaspora and Jamaican organizations, the first ever Organic Farming Accelerator, aimed at creating a true and viable Organic Market in Jamaica. The Accelerator will train, mentor, certify and connect Organic Farmers to markets. The program launches in November.

Core team meetings  are generally held weekly on Thursdays and  general meetings are held bi-monthly on Sundays. Join our Facebook Group to stay up to date on and to join the conversation!



The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force to Award $130,000 in Prizes for Champion Organic Farmers at Denbigh


CLARENDON, Jamaica – Farmers in Jamaica are called to compete in the first Champion Organic/Sustainable Farmer Competition at the 64th Annual Denbigh Agricultural, Industry and Food Show in July 2016 with prizes totaling $130,000…


The Jamaica Diaspora Agriculture Task Force and the Jamaica Agricultural Society partner to host The Denbigh Symposium: 3 days of Sustainable and Organic Farming Workshops, Programs and Resources

CLARENDON, Jamaica – The 64th Annual Denbigh Agricultural show, the oldest and largest agricultural event in the Caribbean, will take place in Clarendon, Jamaica from July 30 – August 1, 2016…




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