The JAMAICA DIASPORA AND FRIENDS OF JAMAICA EXCELLENCE AWARDS seek to recognize the members and organizations of the Jamaica Diaspora community and friends of Jamaica that have developed and implemented projects that support the growth of Jamaica’s culture, economy, people, and communities.

Awards Overview


  • To create a coveted and unprecedented awards ceremony, coincident with the Jamaica Diaspora Conference, that recognizes members of the Jamaica Diaspora and friends of Jamaica who do exceptional work in contributing to the development of Jamaica.



  • The Jamaica Diaspora and Friends of Jamaica Excellence Awards Foundation (JDFJEAF) will give primacy to integrity, sincerity, good judgment, honesty, probity, honor, rectitude in decision-making, creating and setting standards in all respects as it relates to awards, awardees, award functions, patrons and guests.



  • To celebrate and publicize the achievements of Diaspora members and friends of Jamaica in the development of Jamaica.
  • To reward and encourage excellence.
  • To provide a platform for participants to network and forge partnerships.
Awards Concept
  • The award ceremony will model the Nobel Prize, where winners in each sector/ category will be awarded prize money to assist them in furthering their work. Winners will also receive a valuable plaque/medal.


  • Awards will be open to members of the Jamaica Diaspora and individuals or groups that are making exceptional contributions to Jamaica in various areas of development.


  • The monetary value of the headline awards will be a substantial amount so significant that it contributes to raising the prestige and appeal of the awards and is unprecedented in the region.


  • One condition of the award is that winners will commit to sharing the progress of their work and how their winning funds were used at the subsequent Diaspora Conference.


  • The award event will be a culminating event of the Diaspora Conference, which has 1500 participants each year from all regions. The event will be streamed live.


  • Sponsorship from businesses in the Diaspora or Jamaica will be obtained to fund each major award category. Awards will bear the banner / logo of the sponsors.


  • The first awards ceremony is being planned for the summer of 2019 to coincide with the Diaspora Conference of that year. In the interim, an event/forum will be hosted at the next Diaspora Conference planned for Summer 2017 to showcase trailblazers in philanthropy and to inform patrons of significant details of the upcoming awards.


  • The composition of the selection committees will consist of sector experts to provide guidance on deliberations and selection of winners. The committees will include members of several Diaspora regions including but not limited to the USA, UK and Canada.



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