The JAMAICA DIASPORA AND FRIENDS EXCELLENCE AWARD (JDAFEA) seek to recognize the members and organizations of the Jamaica Diaspora community and friends of Jamaica that have developed and implemented projects that support the growth of Jamaica’s culture, economy, people, and communities.

Award Categories

Nominations may cover, but are not limited to, the following areas. Projects in all areas that directly and positively impact the lives of Jamaicans are accepted.

  • Education: Projects that have made a significant impact in areas that could include, but are not limited to Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary or Tertiary education.
  • Agriculture, Business, Trade or Technology:  Projects that have promoted or directly impacted the economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods of Jamaicans in Jamaica.
  • Health & Medicine: Projects that have demonstrated a consistent effort in developing effective healthcare delivery in Jamaica.
  • Ambassadorship, Goodwill, and Leadership: Projects that have generated public awareness and understanding of Diaspora causes and mobilized public interest in and support of Diaspora initiatives internationally.
Evaluation Criteria
  • Impact – Demonstrated positive impact to targeted community/client/population. (40%)
  • Sustainability – Evidence of sustainability and ability to scale up to support more Jamaicans (25%)
  • Collaboration – Includes alliances with multiple Jamaican and Diaspora organizations (10%)
  • Maturity – The length of time the program has been operational (15%)
  • Innovation – Innovative in project design or implementation (5%) Alignment – Initiatives are aligned to national priorities (5%)



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