The JAMAICA DIASPORA AND FRIENDS OF JAMAICA EXCELLENCE AWARDS seek to recognize members and organizations of the Jamaica Diaspora community and friends of Jamaica who have developed and implemented initiatives that support the growth of Jamaica’s culture, economy, people, and communities.

Application Process

Stage 1 – Preliminary Review

Selection committee in place:

Using various media outlets, social media, email and other forms of communication, the Diaspora and friends of Jamaica will be notified and an announcement made of the JDFEA upcoming period.  Information will be disseminated across Diaspora regions to bring awareness to nominations and application.

Stage 2 – Applications Open

During this phase, the application window is open, the general public is invited to submit nominations for organizations and individuals

STAGE 3. – Application

Nominees will then be asked to submit a full application with bios, contact info, photos, references, and any other supporting documentation. All application will be collated by categories by the selection committee.  Nominees will be informed by email or other electronic means, that their application is received and in the review.

Stage 4 – Decision

The selection committee will examine the application and review all supporting documentation. Using the official scorecard of the JDAFEA to provide an empirical assessment, the committee will eliminate applications that do not make it to the next level.   The eliminated applicants will be informed that they did not make it to the next round. The letter should be encouraging for future opportunities.

The top 3 entrants in each category will advance to the Executive Board for final award selection.  The finalists will be informed that they have made it to the finals and will be invited to award function at Diaspora Conference in Jamaica. We should decide if all expenses paid and they must show participation in Day of service activities.

Stage 5 – Award Process

Four members of the board 5 from the selection committee will sit on a temporary executive committee to choose the winner in each category.  Each member must sign an NDA before they sit on this executive committee.

Each Awardee will be notified of selection by email and invited to attend a prestigious presentation award banquet following ceremonial protocol. Venues will be selected throughout the Diaspora regions.

Eligibility Requirements

  • i. Must be 18 years or older

    ii. Individual applicant must reside outside Jamaica (Diaspora)

    iii. Nominee can be Diaspora member or friend of Jamaica as long as the work is directed at and beneficial to the development of Jamaica and her people

    iiii. Nomination may be self or second-party generated

    v. Nominee must select an award category

    vi. Nomination must be submitted electronically

    vii. All supporting documents must be submitted in the allocated timeframe

    viii. There is no limit by region for applications

    ix. No changes allowed once an application is submitted. There is no fee to apply

    II. Supporting Documents

    i. Scorecard to Quantify Performance

    ii. Standards Checklist

    iii. Testimonials

    iiii. Letters of Reference

    v. Financial Statements

    vi. Sustainability / Succession Plan

    III. Rubric Criteria

    i. Volunteer Spirit

    ii. Innovation

    iii. Personal Integrity

    iiii. Financial Performance

    v. Strategic Endeavor

    vi. Accomplishment / Impact

    vii. Community Engagement

    viii. Social Responsibility

    ix. Sustainability

Frequently Asked Questions

About Nominations:

  1. Can I nominate someone who has been given a national honor?

Yes, recipients of other awards can be nominated for a Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Excellence Award.  Other awards will have no bearing on the criteria used to evaluate nominations.

  1. What specific information will I need to complete the nomination form?

All required information is defined on the nomination form in addition to the supplemental information that may be necessary/appropriate.  Specific questions can be addressed to:

  1. How will nominees learn of their nominations?

Nominees will be officially notified of their nominations by the selection committee.  However, it is our expectation that nominees will provide much needed information and/or assistance to the nomination process and to the nominator.

  1. Who identifies/recommends/nominates the candidates?

Anyone can nominate a candidate or the candidate can self-nominate.

  1. Who is excluded from receiving this award?

Only persons living in the Diaspora and friends of Jamaica who do work to benefit Jamaica are eligible for receiving the award.

  1. Are previous award winners eligible for future awards?

Yes, previous award winners are eligible for future awards.

  1. Where do I find the nomination forms?

The nomination forms can be found on the website for the foundation:

  1. Can I nominate myself?

Yes, candidates may self-nominate.

  1. How old do I have to be to be nominated?

Age 1, there are no age limit restrictions.

  1. Does the work have to be done in Jamaica?

The work done by the candidate must have made a significant and demonstrable impact to a community/communities of Jamaica.

  1. If I am not Jamaican, can I be selected and be a winner of this prize?

The JDAFE Awards is open to anyone who meets the selection criteria.

  1. Do organizations qualify to win the top prize?

Individuals and organizations can qualify to win a Jamaica Diaspora and Friends Excellence Award.

  1. What is the time commitment associated with being nominated?

Nominees will need to be available to be interviewed by the selection committee and to attend the awards ceremony.


About Awardee Selection:

  1. Where is the selection committee and who is it made up of?

The Selection Committee will be appointed by the JDAFEA Foundation and include representatives from across Jamaica’s Diaspora who have knowledge and/or expertise in the award category.

  1. How will nominees be selected as finalist for recognition as a diaspora exemplar?

Evaluation Criteria have been identified for the awards.  They include:  impact, sustainability, maturity, collaboration, innovation and alignment.  More information about these criteria can be found on:

  1. What due diligence checks will be done on the nominees?

Nominees will be required to provide a notarized affidavit that all information provided is truthful.  Nominees will be interviewed to review and valid the information provided, and the beneficiaries of the nominee’s work will be interviewed.


About the Awards Ceremony:

  1. How often is the awards given?

The Awards will be presented every 2 years coincident with the Jamaica Diaspora conference.

  1. What kind of award is given?

The Award will include a premium trophy along with a monetary grant.

  1. How much money is awarded?

The amount of funds awarded will be dependent on the decisions of the selection team and the rank of the recipient.


About the Awards:

  1. Is the Government of Jamaica involved?

The Government of Jamaica is not involved in the JDAFEA Foundation nor of any part of the nomination, selection or awarding of prizes.

  1. If I win the prize, what can I use the money for?

The funds awarded must be used towards the project which was selected for an award.  The funds must be spent over the succeeding two years.  The awardee must demonstrate at the subsequent Jamaica Diaspora Conference how the funds were utilized and demonstrate the continued benefit to Jamaica.



  1. Who may I contact for additional FAQs?

Additional questions can be addressed to



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