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The currently retired Liberal Member of the Provincial Parliament (MPP) in Ontario, Canada and Speaker of the Ontario Legislature, Honourable Dr. Alvin Curling, is a Jamaican-born Canadian who has been actively involved in Canadian politics for over twenty years. He has been also sponsoring Juno Pen Basic School in St. Mary as part of the Adopt-a-School program for over five years. (Read More)


-Would you like to volunteer? Current projects in Agriculture, Education, Health, Social Media, Blogging, Marketing, Outreach need support!  Please email diaspora@callingalljamaicans.org for details.

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JAMPACT(JAMPACT) has been supporting Early Childhood Institutions and other schools in underserved low-income areas on the island of Jamaica for the past 17 years. This year JAMPACT is pleased to partner with Kits for Kidz to purchase Head Start Kit and other necessary school supplies at a reduced price. JAMPACT solicits the help of the community in purchasing school supply kits and giving a child a “head start”!
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Farm Up Jamaica is a Diaspora funded non-profit organization formed to reduce the importation of foreign foods in Jamaica by strategically farming crops being imported. As well as to assist Jamaican farmers in the cultivation of organic, non genetically modified (GMO) foods. They provide In-kind assistance to farmers in the areas of : land preparation, the use of farming equipment, organic seeds, organic fertilizers and treatments, technical support, training and more. Farm Up Jamaica has also formed alliances with Jamaican food manufacturers worldwide to guarantee markets for crops both locally and internationally. All projects are monitored by international volunteers and local affiliates to ensure that the food is being farmed to specification and goes to markets as agreed. Farm Up Jamaica is looking for Partners and Investors. Additionally, do you have vacant/in-active land in Jamaica?
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Team Jamaica Bickle supports the close to 1000 Jamaican athletes each year that attend the Penn Relays. They are currently undertaking the task of equipping schools involved with the Penn Relays with an AED (Automated external defibrillator) machine. So far this year they have presented 5 machines to GC Foster College, Cornwall College, Pertersfield, Vere Tech and Green Island high. Team Jamaica Bickle is looking for donations of AED Machines.
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Read Across Jamaica assists Schools, Reading Centers and after school programs
in acquiring literacy and library resources that help disadvantaged students increase their opportunities to learn and read. In the last 5 years they have donated over 1000 books.
Donate books from Read Across Jamaica's Book List or Volunteer to help run a local book drive in your area. Volunteers can also join Read Across Jamaica's next mission to Jamaica in November.
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The Hanover Bee Farmers CooperativeThe Hanover Bee Farmers Cooperative assists youngsters to launch careers in Bee Hiving as a means of employment. They have the bees, but they need the tools and frames to expand the business. They distribute their honey to local markets; and, the profit is used to expand apiaries and assist who new high school graduates to get a start in the business.The Cooperative is looking for Bee Hives. (The empty boxes that contain the bees)
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The Resolution Project equips and trains students in high schools in rural areas in the art of photography. It gives young people a creative outlet and a potential avenue for self-employment and sustainable economic citizenship. The project currently serves over 100 students in Tivoli, Granville, Barracks Road/ Gully Bank, Seaton Crescent and Grotto. The Restoration Project is looking for point and shoot digital cameras. Do you have corporate connections to Samsung, Sony, LG
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The Issa Trust Foundation is on a mission to provide a system of prevention, health promotion and health improvement to promote well-being and development for the children of Jamaica. They conduct annual medical missions every year since 2005, and have served hundreds of children in the St. Mary and Westmoreland parishes. The Issa Foundation is looking for skilled volunteers (Nurses, Doctors etc) and new partnerships with Medical Supply companies.
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NETWORK OF WOMEN (NOW) - Manchester (NOW) is engaged in building a sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural industry centered on the production and marketing of fresh and processed warm weather button and other mushrooms.
The main purpose of the organization is to empower and uplift rural women and their families in Manchester, through the provision of income generating agro businesses, training and employment opportunities.
NOW is looking for Incubation chambers to grow mushrooms.
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SOURCE - Savanna-la-Mar, established in 2012, is an innovative social enterprise developed to support four underserved communities that have low levels of income and high unemployment rates. It is an all-inclusive, resident-led community resource centre that provides the full services of a professional business centre, as well as additional facilities and amenities for several communities within the town of Savanna-La-Mar in Westmoreland.SOURCE is looking for donations to their new Daycare and Music studio.
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Image Training CentreImage Training Centre is an innovative not-for-profit organization offering a network of support to disadvantaged job-seeking women by providing them with a range of career services and tools to help them succeed in the workplace. This social enterprise offers soft skills training around interviewing skills, communications, image building, business etiquette, career guidance and leadership skills.The Image Training Center is looking for Projectors
and Printers.
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Mustard Seed provides care for those most in need, primarily children abandoned or with severe disabilities. Operating thirteen homes across the island and numerous outreach programmes, the success of Mustard Seed is dependent on several income generating initiatives. Including: A tilapia fish and egg farm, both located at Jerusalem, which is one of the largest complexes within the Mustard Seed Community and producing ceramics which are sold throughout Jamaica.Mustard Seed is looking for materials for the glazing of ceramic products.
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Great Shape! Inc., is a 50I(c)(3) nonprofit that facilitates humanitarian projects in Jamaica and the Caribbean serving more than 40,000 people each year. The areas they support generally have one dentist for every 100,000 people and only one eye care provider for every 250,000 people. Volunteers play a crucial role in helping to ensure that the children and families Great Shape serves receive the vital resources needed. Great Shape is currently collecting supplies for their November 1st mission to Jamaica(Get Involved)



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